Who We Are

We are a family that takes care of each other.


Red River Outdoor Living was founded in 1997 by Ross and Kala Moore with the goal of providing you with everything you need to enjoy your outdoor space. Our services include construction landscape, swimming pools, retail nursery center, plus Big Green Egg sales and more.

We believe you should love your outdoor space and you should love the experience we provide you in creating and maintaining it.
“Love the Space, Love the Experience”.


Ross Moore
Kala Moore


Our vision is to improve lives. We believe that by creating an environment where our people grow and thrive in their God given talents and strengths, they in turn create beautiful environments where our clients can thrive and enjoy life.



Our vision is for you to be continually growing and improving yourself, your life, and the lives of those around you. We believe that if you are thriving, growing, and operating in your strengths that you will create wonderful experiences and spaces for our clients. They will in turn be benefited from it and their lives will be improved as well.

We call it the “Win-Win-Win”!  You win, they win, we ALL WIN!